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The Main Gate to Jackson Farm and Corn Maze




Blooms & Butterflies

Jackson Farm's Fall Festival opening weekend will feature our Butterfly Release, Whether honoring someone special, memorializing a loved one or simply rejoicing in the beauty of God's creation, join us for our Second Annual Butterfly Release event. Purchase your butterfly in advance ($10 each), then pick up at the zinnia garden on Saturday, September 24 at 4 p.m., when we will release them into the blooms. You may also release yours anywhere on the farm at your leisure; however, butterflies not claimed by 4 p.m. will be released with the rest into the zinnia garden.

A sunset over Jackson Farm and Corn Maze

Important Dates

2022 Maze Reveal: Jurassic Farm

Fall Foliage



About Our Farm

In 2015 we moved from our home and career in the city to a beautiful farm in the country. While dreaming of farming for over 30 years, God blessed us with a beautiful cattle ranch. The farm has creeks, springs, a lake, and just the right amount of ground to raise a few crops.  

Along with our animals and crops, we grow memories and fun for other families. In the fall we share our farm with families for a fun, educational hands-on agricultural experience.  

Our desire is to bring glory to God through our farm. We hope that your experience here will strengthen your family by creating memories and traditions that will leave you with an appreciation for His creation and the fruits of His earth. 

Jackson Farm Hay Ride thru the Corn Maze

All The Fun In One Farm


Buy Your Tickets Here and Save $5 Versus Buying Them at the Gate

September 24  October 30

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